"More knowledge is gained from a journey of 10,000 miles

 than the pages of 10,000 books."

It's not just a famous Chinese saying – it happens to be true.

 Travel Now

Whether you know where you want to go,

or are looking for inspiration, we'll work with you

 to design extraordinary, customized experiences

 that include upgrades, private access,

 and added touches and amenities.

Blue Line

Why Use Travel Executives?

RIGHT NOW... if someone told you how to have the best possible travel experiences, that you'd have everything exactly the way you like it, and that you'd actuall save money, would it get your attention? That's exactly what we do at TRAVEL EXECUTIVES.

OUR JOB... Is to make the most of our clients' free time.  Just as you entrust a doctor with your health, an interior designer with your style, or a broker with your finances. you can expect more when you collaborate with us.

If you've ever considered working with an advisor, we invite you to give us a call. From weekend getways to trips of a lifetime, we're at your service.

Jan Peterson - Travel Executives

We Know How To Make A Perfect F.I.T

In the parlance of the Travel Industry, an F.I.T is "Foreign Independent Travel". In other words, a custom-designed itineary made just for you.

In this fast pace world of ours, we are all trying to squeeze the most out of every passing day. We don't have time for the superfluous, to crack open a hundred oysters just to find a few pearls. Our cars, our clothes and even our technology needs to be pertinent and tailored to our specific needs, The same, of course, is true for our holidays. With only a few weeks a year we are free to truly play, we all want to make the very most of those precious days.