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Explore A Lost Civilization in Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

Explore A Lost Civilization in Machu Picchu, Peru: For many unforgettable journeys getting there is a large part of the adventure. Never has that been more than getting from Lima to Machu Picchu. The journey begins by flying from Lima to the colonial and charming city of Cuzco. There are two ways to reach Machu Picchu once in Cuzco. The first is by train on a rail journey of three hours and forty minutes to 4 hours on the Vistadome or the spacious Hiram Bingham luxury train. Train travel is the quickest and easiest way to visit Machu Picchu. During the trip, you can enjoy delicious snacks and hot and cold. Coaches recently renewed, which are equipped with panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy a spectacular view and take wonderful pictures. If your adventurous the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is known as the most famous trekking route in South America by the conjunction of different elements has to offer, climbing through mountains, jungle and even crossing water. This is long walk through nature and beautiful landscapes. Now if you’re really adventurous you can travel by mountain bike.

Machu Picchu is located half way between the Andes and the Amazon rain forest, and is known as the main citadel of Inca civilization and was a lost civilization for many centuries until rediscovered by American explorer Hiram Bingham in the early 20th century. The ruins of Machu Picchu today are a Unesco World Heritage site since 1983, as part of a whole cultural and ecological known as the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. A must see as far as wonders of world go. Accommodations range from Guest Houses to the

five star Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. It is located approximately eight thousand two hundred feet above sea level and can boast about its location as it’s the only hotel located inside the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.

Bring your walking shoes and climb to the summit of the highest peak, Huayna Picchu for a two hour climb with spectacular views of the citadel and the valley below.

How to do the Amazon River in luxury and style...

The first time we were asked to put together an Amazon cruise for a family a few years ago, we were told to find the most luxurious yacht, start the trip in Manaus, Brazil and go from there. The family would be flying in from Rio and once the cruise had been completed they would fly home to New York. Simple enough. I googled Amazon Cruises and was horrified by what came up. Nothing but rusty old tubs that should have been laid to rest years ago. We solved the problem by paying a fortune to have a yacht brought in, along with a reputable guide, and the family had a great time. Today, I would just pick up the phone and call our good friend Francesco Galli Zugaro and everything would be taken care of.

Launched in 2008 and based out of Peru, Aqua Expeditions' two cruise ships are the only way to experience the world's longest river in five star luxury. For some people that won't be important, but for us, that made the difference of making the effort to take the trip or not making it at all. Roughing it on the Amazon was just not appealing to this traveller..!

Designed by Jordi Puig, both ships look good from the outside, and even better once you get onboard. The style is contemporary with a lot of dark wood, glass, and oversized comfortable furniture. There are only 16-suites, and believe us, you'll want for nothing. The mood is relaxed and friendly, and with only 32 passengers you can't help but meet other people. The best place to do that is up on the Observation Deck, with a glass of camu camu juice in hand as you watch the Amazon happen in front of you.

Mornings and afternoons, we set out with local naturalist guides to explore and be in awe of mother nature. Like the very best land based safaris, Aqua's guides may know what's around the next corner, but they never spoil the moment you see your first pink river-dolphin, three-toed sloth, or jaguar. It's an amazing experience and one that we are glad to have enjoyed before it's too late. Back on board, Peru's best chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will keep your taste buds busy, and dinner each evening was a culinary feast paired with the best South American wines. There's a reason Pedro is known as South America's Heston Blumenthal, and how nice to be able to get a reservation without having to wait three months for a table..!


Ultimate Galapagos







Hotel Rosa Alpina In The Dolomites, Italy

Hotel Rosa-1

Hotel Rosa-2

Traditional spirit meets contemporary style for the ultimate in 5 star hotel luxury in the Dolomites. The Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina is a haven of discretion in the Dolomites. Discover the essence of quiet glamour, poised service and elegant interiors. The approach is both timeless and imbued with contemporary accents featuring informal and family dining as well as Michelin-starred cuisine.  For pure relaxation and energising workouts, visit the Spa facilities featuring a gorgeous indoor swimming pool, saunas and gym. The Spa is light and welcoming, with striking views to our private garden accomplished by an impeccable, discreet, friendly service.


Natural Habitat Polar Bear Tour

Polar Bear1

Looking out onto the snowy tundra, we spy them, white on white. Alternately regal and whimsical and always awe-inspiring, polar bears in the wild offer a natural encounter charged with drama and magic. In our custom Polar Rover vehicles we can approach at close range without disturbing them, offering a chance for an incredibly moving wildlife experience. From our heated confines—or standing on the outdoor platform—we may see mothers with cubs, young males play-fighting, or a huge, solitary male ambling over the tundra. There’s no better time than now to see the King of the Arctic, and no one better to take you up close than us!

Polar Bear 2

Polar Bear 3

New Zealand At It's Best





The Grand Del Mar, San Diego

Back in the 1920's, Addison Mizner was the best known and most talked about architect in the United States. His style was Mediterranean meets Spanish Colonial Revival and his mix of Moorish and Spanish interpretations left an indelible mark on South Florida where he was responsible for designing mansions for the power brokers of the day, and also for being the visionary behind the development of Boca Raton. He's been dead since 1933, but his legacy lives on, and when the owner of The Grand Del Mar decided to build an opulent and glamorous resort just outside of San Diego, it was to Mizner he turned for inspiration and help in creating what is truly one of the most magnificent hotels we have ever had the pleasure of visiting anywhere.

Rio de Janeiro

God blessed Rio de Janeiro with beauty, sophistication, and the x-factor. From Sugarloaf Mountain to Christ the Redeemer watching over everyone, there is nowhere in the world quite like it, and it  just keeps on getting better. Up until recently, Rio de Janeiro was a place that you went for Carnival, you stayed at the Copacabana Palace, and you were careful when you went outside after dark. Today Rio de Janeiro, is getting ready to host the World Cup and the Olympics, is a place where wealthy Paulistas (residents of São Paulo) spend weekends and have second homes, and that the rest of us are now visiting in ever-increasing numbers.

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